Elite Sport Development is set to revolutionise the way sports players are tested, analysed and developed in their specific sport. Using our state of the art equipment, participants can complete a variety of health, physical and technical related tests with the results being converted into a personal profile for the player. This profile can then be used to highlight strengths and weaknesses in performance with suggested training methods provided via our Training Zone and Development Programmes.

Founded in 2013 by two keen sportsmen, one with six years experience playing professional football and the other holding a first class masters degree in engineering, Elite Sport Development is on the verge of pushing technology in sport to the next level. It is clear for anyone to see that over the past 20 years technology has become a major influence in sport and will continue to do so as technology continues to evolve.

With several packages available over many sports we are able to cater for anyone who is looking to analyse and improve their performance. By being flexible in how we run testing sessions we can tailor testing days to the wants and needs of our customers.

The service we offer is thorough and unique and one where accuracy of results and player development are key. The results are continually accessible and subsequently players can refer to them during their development phase. All progress is logged and therefore improvements can be tracked over time. Athletes of all abilities are encouraged to take part as everyone’s performance can be improved.

It is our goal to help as many athletes as possible realise their true potential and we look forward to helping you in the future.

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