Having worked in a large number of schools across Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire we are fully capable of providing professional sports services to any school whether it be primary, secondary, college/6th form, state or private. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality sessions all designed around engaging pupils while helping them develop their sporting ability.


More geared towards engagement and enjoyment our primary school services help pupils develop essential skills and attributes while allowing them to express their individuality. Services include:

Sports Testing

Sometimes the word ‘testing’ can be seen in a negative light, especially with a younger audience, but we bring a new meaning to the word and engage pupils with our top-end technology and equipment that they hardly notice they are being tested. 

Gifted & Talented Club

An after school club designed to push those pupils who show a natural ability in sport further than they may be restricted to in class P.E. A selection of pupils are chosen from a number of year groups and put together to help develop their abilities further. These sessions work on specifically developing fundamental skills & movements to a new level they would not otherwise achieve without the expert and detailed coaching our staff provide. 

Sports Coaching

Sport specific expert coaching delivered by our trained staff, our sports coaching is aimed at the whole class for both enjoyment and development. Working on a wide range of sports across a term, the lessons are always refreshing and engaging to all abilities while helping pupils learn new skills and develop them further. 

Secondary/6th Form/College


Aimed at educating and developing pupils our older age group services teach pupils about physical development in sport and how to achieve this. Services include:

Sports Testing

This can be aligned with class modules or be used completely separately as a tool to help pupils track their physical sporting development while using high tech equipment in the process. Includes our online analysis features to help engage pupils along the way. 

Development Sessions

Incorporating body-weight strength and conditioning alongside sessions aimed at improving those physical attributes we test, our development sessions are engaging and of high quality. Ran in a circuit training style our qualified coaches provide fantastic guidance in helping pupils develop their physical sporting characteristics. 


Select one or more of our workshops in a range of areas all designed to help pupils reach their true potential in sport. Workshops include sports nutrition, injury prevention, sports psychology and professional athlete talks.