Once we have the data from a testing day we are able to process it creating results tables and player profiles. All results are transferred to the Elite Sport Development website where they can be accessed by athletes and managers/coaches. Shortly after completion of a testing day everyone involved will receive relevant secure login details.


Athletes receive unique login access to the ‘Athletes Lounge’ where they are able to see just their own personal results.One of the great benefits of using Elite Sport Development is how our scoring system works. For every test that an athlete completes they will receive two forms of feedback; the actual results they achieved and then a score which is based on their age and gender. By doing this it allows players to see how they compare nationally to other players of similar age, gender and sport as well as having the hard data (actual results) to work with when looking for improvements. Averages work on a moving scale so that they are always relevant and up to date. 

Also for players who are not being tested for the first time, bar graphs are included to show athletes any improvements that have been made.


Managers and coaches receive separate login access to the ‘Managers Lounge’ where the results of all their athletes can be viewed and a number of athletes can be selected and compared directly against one another.

A demo account has been created allowing users to access both the players and managers lounges. Log in details can be found on the relevant log in pages.