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• Directly compare attributes of athletes within a team.

• Monitor individual and group development over time.

• Plan training sessions based on group weaknesses.

• Evaluate whether training is effective by tracking results.

• Innovative way of motivating athletes to improve.

• Use results to aid team selection, tactics and playing style.

• Track results over time to see how different pupils react to training and extra curricular activities.

• Review a pupil’s sporting ability in a similar way to any other school subject.

• Recognise pupils who have potential to do well in sport and recommend sport away from school.

• Help to encourage pupils to take part in extra curricular activity in school.

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  • Compare team results with an easy to use table with attribute specific sorting features.

  • Additional table uploaded with each test session carried out.

  • Option to split tables by team or see all teams in singe table for those with more than one team.

  • Up to 150 players in a single table.

  • All results converted into score out of 20 for each attribute based on age and gender creating a simple score radar.

  • Score radar allows easy comparison of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Compare up to 4 players’ score webs and hard results at the same time with the option to include the same player’s results from different test sessions.

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