We are always on the lookout for new members of staff to add to our growing team. If you are passionate about sport and are interested in either the sports testing or performance development of athletes then Elite Sport Development could be for you.

Openings at Elite Sport development will fall into one of 4 roles:  

Development Programme Leader

This involves the running of a development programme in the area stated. It is usually one night a week for 6-8 weeks. If demand is high we may run two or three sessions a week, all on the same night. The content of the sessions is provided so it is just the delivery of the sessions that is required. The standard rate of pay for a Development Programme Leader is £10 an hour. The ideal candidates will have experience working with groups of players and will be qualified/studying in a sport related subject.  

Test Day Analyst

In this role you will be assigned to use a specific piece of Elite Sport Development equipment during one of our testing days. It is your responsibility to ensure that the athletes taking part in the test are doing so correctly and to record the data, in a handheld tablet, obtained from carrying out the test. You will also be responsible for setting up and putting away your designated piece of equipment. The standard rate of pay is £7.50 an hour. There are both under 18 and 18+ Test day analysts. For the former candidates will need to be CRB checked and will ideally have experience working with children.  

Test Day Manager

In this role you will oversee the process of a testing day. You must ensure the area is safe and that all equipment is set up correctly and must help with any problems the Test Day Analysts’ come across. The introductory and ending speech to athletes is another responsibility that comes with being a Test Day Manager. You must be able to work under pressure and deal with situations in a calm but efficient manner. The standard rate of pay for this role is £10 an hour. The ideal candidates will be qualified/studying in a sport related subject and have some experience in the managing of a team.  

Elite Sport Development Agent

This role is less to do with the sporting side of the business and more sales based. It involves finding new clients for Elite Sport Development and works on a commission only basis. There are no minimum or maximum targets that need to be achieved so this role is suited to anyone. To work as an Elite Sport Development Agent you must be registered with the company and have undertaken our short training programme, which is free of charge. Standard commission for an agent is 10% of the customer’s initial order with the company and 2% of their second order.  

The current opportunities available are:

Development Programme Leader – Stockport

Development Programme Leader – York

Development Programme Leader – Bolton

Development Programme Leader – Manchester

Elite Sport Development Agent – Various locations across the UK

  If you have any queries then please use the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website to get in touch. If applying for a job with Elite Sport Development send a copy of your personal statement and covering letter to careers@elitesportdevelopment.com using the job title as the subject.