Our extensive range of testing equipment is always the very latest available, ensuring we stay in touch with technological advancements and provide results with maximum benefits to the athlete. Below are some examples of the technology you might experience during a testing day:

World Leading Wireless Timing Gate System

Sports performance is a lot more complicated than how fast an athlete can run and our timing gates allow athletes to truly understand sport specific speed, agility, power and endurance. Hundreds of the world’s most famous professional teams are turning to similar timing gates on a daily basis for training, testing, research and teaching.



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Light Training/Testing System

Flexible, wireless light training/testing system that can be adapted to work and test a wide range of attributes, the main one being hand/eye coordination. Others include speed, strength and the ability to concentrate.


Plyometric Jumping System

Jump force mat with hand held computer displays height and hang time for one jump, ground contact time for one jump and average height and flight time for several jumps. Plyometric mode allows us to compute foot quickness, explosive leg power and a fatigue factor rating.




Back Digital Dynamometer

Hydraulic & Digital Dynamometers

Accurate and safe method of measuring strength in all athletes. Covering the legs, back and arms we can gage average strength along with individual area results.

Concept2 Rowing Machine 

Using a short and intense test with our rowing machine we measure full body power. 





KMS Foot Speed System 

Measuring foot speed of the athlete, the force mat sends the number of contacts made within a set period of time to a laptop via bluetooth. 

Other equipment

Some more basic pieces of equipment including scales, height measuring rail, medicine ball and sit & reach box. Attributes measured with these pieces of equipment are weight, height, upper body power and flexibility.